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Find out what our Clients say about us

With so many success stories, our clients have such great things to say about us. We do only provide you with the professional knowledge you expect in a gym but also the support, friendship and above all else respect. Our programmes are tailored around the client, making them fun and enjoyable.

With so many success stories we hope the results speak for themselves. However, if you are still sitting on the fence check out what our clients who were once in your position have to say about their journey with us.

  • positive review  I have been doing classes and PT at Diverse Fitness for 18 months now and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions for my health. Diverse is a completely different experience to normal gyms, everyone is friendly and supportive no matter where you are on your fitness journey. Classes are challenging but fun, and you will soon become addicted! So many members have achieved fantastic results. I definitely feel fitter, happier and healthier for being part of Diverse. Pop along and see what it’s all about, the guys are doing a great job of keeping us all safe and managing the correct COVID protocols.

    thumb Karen Pearse

    positive review  I had wanted to lose weight from a vanity point of view; also, for a number of years, my GP had been advising me to lose weight and exercise more - I was very unfit. I tried various aerobic-type classes, spinning and the gym but couldn’t find anything that interested me, added to which I had very poor motivation. My diet was really not that good either. I liked the idea of Boot Camp when I first saw the details but never did I imagine how amazing it would be. Always well-planned and organised, different, interesting, hard work but fun and Ross is always so encouraging and supportive. I found exercise sessions I now love along with some long-vanished motivation. I’m enjoying a new diet too. I would recommend this Boot Camp to anyone – any age, any build - who is wanting to lose weight, get fitter…’s amazing. Definitely 5*

    thumb Penny Foster

    positive review  Joined diverse just after they reopened as I was looking for a gym in Torbay that offered strength and conditioning classes with a functional fitness set up. I messaged through first and was welcomed to come in to a class and try it out, and since then I have been regularly going 4-5 times a week. The classes are great, constantly different with a good variety of equipment. Plenty of options on time slots which works well around my work, and they have built a great community of clients there so you see lots of the same friendly faces there daily. Each class is fun and ensures you get an excellent workout in every session, with the coaches demoing movements, and pushing you throughout the workouts. Highly recommend this gym and all of the coaches.

    thumb Joe Pillar
  • positive review  I can't recommend Ross enough on what he has done for me he's amazing trainer though boot camp session to 1-2-1 training. I've been training with Ross for a while now and I've seen amazing results in myself and others that have train with him. I've feel a lot more confident in myself and much fitter. I can fit in smaller size clothing that I thought I would never fit in again. In all the sessions Ross design for us they encourages you to push yourself to limit that you haven't achieved in a long time, having fun though fitness and achieving your goals. Thanks Ross x

    thumb Laura Perry

    positive review  Having tried pretty much every passing ‘keep fit’ trend over the years and struggling to stick with any of them, I can honestly say becoming part of the Diverse Team has changed my entire outlook on exercise and nearly 2 years on I’m still loving my sessions. The mixture of personal PT sessions together with some great group classes offers great variety and whilst I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hard work! its really rewarding & sometimes we even have fun!!!! - I can’t recommend Ross, Ryan, Dan & Craig enough - stop finding a reason why not to make a change & pop in and see for yourself- you’ll love it 😃

    thumb Jason Hamer

    positive review  I never had a lot of will power when it came to eating well and keeping fit, but Ross gave me a fab eating plan that I could easily stick to and although the PT sessions were the hardest thing I've ever done, they gave me the results I needed. Thanks Ross, see you again after Xmas!!!!!

    thumb Jo Crook
  • positive review  Have lost over 100lbs with Diverse and I’m better for it in every way! Team are great, classes are fun, and the community atmosphere with likeminded people (now friends) is awesome! #TeamDiverse

    thumb Matt Jones

    positive review  This is the gym of my dreams! Like minded people who are there to support, encourage and push you when you think you can’t do it. The instructors are knowledgeable and make each class really fun! This place is addictive!

    thumb Alexandra Morton

    positive review  The best gym and trainers in the bay. Ross is so good and the facilities are excellent really cannot recommend it enough. Can’t wait for lockdown to be over so it can open again. If anyone is looking for a gym in 2021 this is the place to go

    thumb Lacy Jane
  • positive review  When a friend recommended the 8 week Biggest Loser Challenge to me, I was overweight, unfit and unhappy. I'd lost 2 stone with Slimming World a few years before but put it (& more) back on when I stopped. I knew I needed to do something urgently, and it was time to look at exercise, as well as my diet. I took the plunge and am so, so glad I did! The Challenge was shared with other women, all supportive of one another. Ross gave advice on our diet, set us daily targets for steps based on our current exercise levels and put us through a training program in which we were driven to do our very best. In addition, we were able to attend boot camps, joining a community of keen and friendly folk, all working to improve their own fitness and support others in theirs. I've now signed up to complete an additional 6 week challenge, and intend to continue attending boot camps after that. If you're looking to get fit and would like the support of a professional trainer alongside like-minded folk of all ages, I can recommend Diverse Fitness without hesitation.

    thumb Claire Barnett

    positive review  I'm so very inspired and motivated by my experience with Diverse Fitness. I've been doing the one to one training plus attending boot camps and had great improvement in my strength, endurance, stamina, body image, mental and emotional wellbeing and overall health. I signed up to Diverse Fitness as I was at my last straw and really low about trying to lose weight and improve my health and wellbeing. I was diagnosed with ME (also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) in 2013 after struggling with recurring viral infections and extreme fatigue. For a long time I was unable to engage in physical exercise and spent most of my days in bed. Finally, after an especially traumatic year last year with family, caring for my mum who was diagnosed with cancer and other poorly family members, I got a huge boost to grab life by the goolies and improve my own health and wellbeing. I'd reached a stage I knew my body was ready for physcial exercise again. I love the food bible, and what I learnt from Ross on my first introductory meeting about being mindful about eating has really stuck with me. I no longer comfort eat and enjoy a healthier diet which I've also encouraged in my children - so its had a wider effect. Its also inspired dad to shed some weight too and other's in my friendship circle. Being a single mum I'd struggled to fit in exercise but now I enjoy my PT sessions with Barney and motivated by the progress I've made - losing 20LBs inmy first 10 weeks! My energy levels are up and the ME symptoms have decreased. I've had more energy and confidence and enthusiasm to complete my Life Coaching Course. I look forward to planning out my activity and trying new ways to be active - like Mermaid swimming lessons! I've also got back to cycling regularly - which I've dreamed of doing for years! I'd really strongly recommend Diverse Fitness! I'm so thankful I signed up!

    thumb Claire Casely

    positive review  I have attended diverse fitness for the last 18 months and can highly recommend them. All classes are varied, different and enjoyable. I have also made some lovely friends along the way xx

    thumb Sophie Rider
  • positive review  Group training is great! Different from any other gym I’ve been too ! Plus I’ve lost over 2 stone since having personal training �

    thumb Holly Vogt

    positive review  I would highly recommend Ross to anybody looking to achieve their fitness goals, a dedicated personal trainer that makes every session fun�

    thumb Lee Wilson

    positive review  Just finished my diverse 8 challenge and it was an amazing experience my weight and fat % is down and my muscle % is up what a great start to my body goal journey thanks to everyone in the gym that helped everyone is so supportive and I’ve never felt more comfortable which has always been a struggle for me as I hate the thought of people watching me struggle through a workout but you never feel judged at diverse!! Really looking forward to moving on with a more personalised package.

    thumb Chloe Rainbow
  • positive review  Before having my daughter I always thought I would just 'snap back' once she was born. However, reality hit hard and it didn't happen. I ended up being really unhappy with how I looked and began to hate my body. I've always been slim so to see myself with a stomach was a massive shock. I changed my eating habits which helped me but I still wasn't happy with my body. So I signed up for 3 months worth of PT sessions with Barney. Best thing I ever did! It was the kick up the back side I so needed. In the first 3 weeks I dropped a dress size and half a stone. I have certainly been pushed to my limit and totally out of my comfort zone. Barney is always so encouraging and positive. Even when I've felt like giving up he's reassured me I will be fine and can do it. Both Barney and Ross are lovely guys and very knowledgable. I also attend a boxfit class once a week which Ross runs and it's very enjoyable. I am now feeling a lot more confident in myself and look at food choices differently. I'm looking forward to carrying on my weight loss journey. For anyone thinking I can't do it, you can! With the help of these guys you will reach your goal! Highly recommend diverse fitness �

    thumb Kirsty Reynolds

    positive review  I can’t recommend Diverse enough. I was really nervous when I first walked through the door nearly a year ago but I needn’t be as everyone is so friendly and they support each other no matter where they are on their fitness journey. The coaches are fantastic and always on hand to help and offer advice and the classes are so varied that you never get bored. It’s great to be back after lockdown, the gym feels safe with cleaning equipment and hand gel everywhere and everyone chips in to do their part to keep it safe! 👍

    thumb Marie Jones

    positive review  I joined Diverse Fitness in January 2019 after realising I had put on 2 stone in the past 12 months. Due to health reasons I needed to start dropping the pounds. I first joined in an 8 week challenge which I came second it and then signed up for a further 20 weeks of PT with Barney and unlimited classes. I love that fact that even though I have been attending 3 or 4 classes a week on average since January no 2 classes are the same. The support from Ross, Barney, Craig and Ryan is fantastic - their knowledge they have on fitness and nutrition is great. I have just come to the end of my PT sessions and I have dropped 31lbs and 24.5 inches, have a different mindset to exercise and nutrition and a part of a fantastic community where everyone is so welcoming and friendly. Thank you Team Diverse! Now to sign up to unlimited monthly membership!

    thumb Shelley Louise
  • positive review  Ross keeps you motivated throughout every session and each one is different so always keeping it interesting whilst taking into account any problems that you have and finding ways to improve them.

    thumb Emma Shivaanand

    positive review  I’ve just completed my 10 week PT programme with Ryan at Diverse and it’s completely changed my mindset when it comes to my health and fitness. I’ve always been an active person thanks to 25+ years of regular football and more recently Road cycling but I have never been a regular gym user. So after losing my way on the bike, perfecting my dad bod and fast approaching the big 4-0 I felt I needed to try something different and that something different was Diverse. From the off I felt welcomed and comfortable by the staff and other members, a real sense of community. The community is what I believe sets diverse apart from your regular egos, no look at me’s, it really is a refreshing change. Ryan is a fantastic coach, he’s humble, he’s relatable, he’s focused, he educates and most importantly he trains you hard, I can’t thank him enough. The classes are brutal but fun and they are never, ever the same. The commitment you see from others around you during the class motivates you to do your best for those 45 minutes. Anyway, fast forward 9 months...I’m 40, fitter than I’ve ever been, cycled close to 1600 miles since April and most importantly I’m a fully fledged member of the Diverse Community. Get involved, you won’t regret it.

    thumb Adam Jones

    positive review  Being at the latter end of my 50's I thought my exercise days were done. I'd lost all motivation until I plucked up the courage to join Ross's boot camp. He changes things every time you go so no session is the same so there is no getting bored of the same routine unlike at the gym! His powers to motivate are excellent. I feel so much better and have only been going for a few weeks. What struck me the most is that he seems to know everyone by name! I found that personal touch so encouraging. Not done 1-1 yet but seeing the results on other people is totally inspiring. I actually look forward to every class..

    thumb Lorraine Woodall
  • positive review  I have been at Diverse for a year and a half and I have absolutely loved every session. I have become obsessed with going to the classes and would highly recommend them to anyone! Each class is different and Ross, Ryan and Dan always motivate me - this is something I need! It’s very different to any other gym I have been to as it is very welcoming and professional. I have had PT sessions with Ross and he has worked very closely in helping me achieve my goals. Everyone is so lovely and I have made some amazing friends.

    thumb Megan Elisabeth

    positive review  I started at Diverse on the first day that they re-opened after lockdown. I needed to kickstart my fitness regime again and start fresh. After seeing some great reviews, I contacted Diverse and signed up instantly. This is the best training facility I have ever been a member of! I sign up for the group training sessions every week. The booking process is quick and easy. The sessions themselves are excellent. Every day and every session is different. You feel part of a team. It's everything I'd want as a member of a facility like this. Thanks a bunch for welcoming me and making me feel so comfortable. I'm LOVING my new fitness journey❣️

    thumb Connie Meek

    positive review  Joining boot camp was one of the best decisions I ever made. Just over 6 months in and 2 stone lighter and every session is enjoyable. I go three times a week and always look forward to the next session. Boot camp is varied and the group are so friendly and welcoming. Ross was recommended to me and I would recommended him to anyone else, he knows his stuff and will provide the results you are looking for so give it a go! �

    thumb Phil Waring
  • positive review  I’m now 8 weeks into a 10 week transformation programme. Feeling really happy with my progress. Ross and Barney have been really supportive and have made me realise I can do more than I thought I could. I’ve already recommended diverse fitness to several friends and will continue to do so

    thumb Tracy Brown

    positive review  After trying many different fitness groups and various diets, I decided to go along to a bootcamp session with DiverseFitness in September 2017. Each session was different, varied, challenging and enjoyable and a great way to meet likeminded people. I have been training with Barney on a 1-1 basis for over 6 months, Barney knows how to get the best out of me, keeps me motivated and tailors my diet and training around my sociable lifestyle. Barney is able to push me to achieve the most out of our training but more importantly, each session is fun and we have a laugh. The results have been beyond what I thought was possible and I feel so much more confident, happier and healthier. Ross and Barney are both knowledgable, passionate and caring, and I really can’t thank them both enough.

    thumb Alex Kerslake

    5 star review  I have been training with Ross for 12 weeks now and am so happy with the results. He took the time to get to know me and understand my needs and difficulties then tailor made an exercise and diet plan. Boot Camp is great with a real friendly atmosphere and Ross pushes you just hard enough. My 1-1 session with Ross pushes me to my limit but I am never made to feel uncomfortable. I feel really motivated and now really enjoy exercising. Thanks Ross, without you I would still be sitting on the sofa eating and drinking rubbish every weekend. You have made a real difference to my life in a short space of time ���

    thumb James Simons
  • positive review  I just love every training session with Diverse Fitness Torbay .. it is addictive, it is fun, it is friendly and everyone encourages you to do your best ... and your best gives you fantastic results😊. Having tried other gyms, classes, etc the workouts designed by the coaches are varied, giving you an all over body workout in 40 minute sessions that works !! Check out the photos ... all you'll see is smiles and laughter and some Grit !! oh and some sweat !! 😂Dont think about it .. just come along and try a session ... I guarantee you'll be hooked after 1 session just like I was 👍

    thumb Sharon Sanders

    positive review  I cant recommend highly enough. Challenging but fun especially the boot camps. Extremely well organised and the friendliest bunch of people you could wish to meet.

    thumb Jill Stevens

    positive review  A friend recommended Ross to me last May, and since then I've not looked back. With his amazing nutritional knowledge and very careful personalised plans for each 1:1 pt session, I have lost just over 2 stone, so far, and am so much fitter and much more energetic. I am heading into my 60s in a much better state than I've been in decades, due to this remarkable, inspiring and dedicated young man.

    thumb Susan Cynk
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