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Fitness Classes 

Gain access to all of our group fitness classes and open gym sessions for free as part of your Accelerate membership with us, or join us on a class-only basis. These classes are the perfect addition to your current PT or SGPT sessions. They offer a fun and energetic workout targeting a wide range of training areas such as cardio, strength and more.

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Group Fitness Classes

Group training keeps you motivated, whilst our experienced coaches will keep you free from injuries. Each workout is carefully thought out and designed to challenge you, combining all methods of fitness, backed up by science.  

The Benefits:


Working out as a group is a fun and lively experience. There is always a great atmosphere that will keep you wanting more.


Getting motivated on your own can be the biggest challenge, which is why group classes are perfect. The lively atmosphere and like-minded individuals will push you forward towards your targets.

Expert Coaches

Training with expert, trained coaches will be the safest way to see results.


With a variation of challenging workouts' week on week, you will be sure to see noticeable results.

Our Group Classes



Focusing on cardio and bodyweight movements

The very best aerobic energy system workouts. Using a mixture of cardio and bodyweight movements, Engine is designed to help you increase fitness levels and work up a sweat. Expect to feel your heart and lungs pumping in this high-energy class. But remember, you don’t need to be fit to get fit. Engine can be scaled to all fitness levels, so great for beginners or regular gym goers.



Strength and conditioning training

The best of both worlds when it comes to functional fitness. A full body approach of strength and conditioning training designed to get the muscles and heart pumping. Whether you are on top of your physical game or new to the fitness scene, Hybrid can be scaled accordingly. Diverse Fitness regulars and newcomers alike will love this!



Improves cardiovascular fitness

Perfect for those aiming to train specifically for Hyrox. However, it is also suitable for individuals seeking to improve their cardiovascular fitness. With activities seen at Hyrox events such as running, rowing, SkiErg, wall balls, burpees, farmers carries, sled push, sled pulls and walking lunges, our Hyrox class guarantees an effective workout that will leave you feeling energised and worked.



Our own version of Boxercise

Diverse Boxfit is our own take on the popular Boxercise. Using our method of training, we incorporate a fun way to learn new fitness boxing drills whilst burning a ton of calories in the process.

Group Fitness Memberships

All classes are FREE when you sign up to our Accelerate Membership. Plus, free access to open gym sessions. 

*Less than £5 per class



Here is how it works

  1. We have a chat on the phone to get to know you and your goals
  2. Together we create a plan of how we are going to help you create the change you want
  3. You come down to the gym and meet the team and get a feel for what we are all about
  4. We start training and changing your life

So book a call now and start learning how to live your best life!

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