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The Home of Body Transformations
Since starting Diverse Fitness we have had the pleasure of helping many people achieve things they never thought would be possible. We have helped people from feeling tired, lethargic and overweight to feeling energised, happy and healthy without having to cut out the foods they love. 
Here at Diverse Fitness, we pride ourselves based on getting the best results possible for our clients.
Check out some of our results below…

Karen Nicola

  • 44lbs Dropped
  • 3 Dress Sizes Dropped
  • Fits back into a Wedding Dress from over 15 years ago!

Danni Tallamy

  • 10lbs dropped
  • 6 inches dropped from the waist ready for her holidays
  • 6% bodyfat dropped

Tracy Brown

  • 30lbs dropped
  • 2 dress sizes dropped
  • Lightest she’s been in over 10 years 

Gary Hutchings


  • 20lbs dropped
  • 8 inches dropped from the waist 
  • Came to us with severe back pain on medication now no pain and off medication due to an increase in core strength 

Matt Jones

  • Dropped 102lbs!!
  • Dropped 39.25 inches
  • Lost over 15% body fat

Coach Craig Wood

  • Dropped 75lbs
  • Dropped 10 inches from waist 

James Simons

  • 47lbs dropped
  • 38 inches dropped 
  • 15% bodyfat dropped 

Here is another collection of our fantastic results – the proof is in the pudding as the saying goes. We’re so pleased with our results and confident in our abilities to get the best out of you. 


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