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It’s a Team Effort

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At Diverse Fitness, we want to be different from your regular gym. Gyms are great for some people, but they can also be a very scary and intimidating place for most. Wondering around not sure what exercises you should be doing or if people are staring because you may not be doing it correctly. That’s why we have created a safe and friendly environment full of people like yourself wanting to get in the best shape possible. With our skilled programming and tailored workouts, all you have to do is keep showing up and putting in the hard work.

Ross Millar

Diverse Fitness was founded by Ross Millar who has over 5 years experience in the industry. From previously working in gyms Ross had first-hand experience of all the problems clients were facing with being left to their own devices in the gym. That’s why in 2015 he decided to set up his own business and begin his journey. Fast forward a couple of years, business was slowly growing and things were picking up and the client base grew week in week out.

Ryan Bickle

Coach Ryan was brought into the team in 2018 as we expanded to our latest facility. With his expert coaching and very warming approach he has been delivering some top class results for the clients here at Diverse. 

Dan Powell

Coach Dan is the newest member of the team with joining us in August 2018. However with over 15 years in the industry his knowledge and experience is second to none. Dan’s most common area is in strength & conditioning and uses this to our advantage in our Diverse Strength sessions as well as his personal training sessions.

Coach Emily

Coach Emily takes the reins with our Diverse Stretch class. With her enthusiasm for fitness and movement she makes our Fitness based Yoga fun as well as effective. If you see her around HQ be sure to say hi.

Craig Wood

Coach Craig was brought in to the team after a fantastic story. Craig originally began with us as a client. His journey began where you currently are now so he knows exactly how you are feeling. Craig has lost over 5 stone and 10 inches from his waist with us. He loved the process so much he has studied to further is knowledge and become a personal trainer. His great energy makes his classes very fun and motivating for all.

Our Facilities 

Our 2500 sq ft facility is custom-built around the member journey and helps us create an inclusive community experience. We have top of the range equipment and changing facilities. 

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